Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Growing up in my parents house we always had a dishwasher. Atleast I'm pretty sure. I never really appreciated how nice it was to have one until I moved in with my husband after we got married. I had done dishes before by hand at my jobs but actually not having one in your own place really sucked. Rusty and I usually tried to take turns doing them but it was usually me. Well I got really tired of that so after we saw how much we were getting back on taxes then I thought I should start looking. We can't actually have one that is hooked up all the time so I looked for new portable ones. Holy crap! I did not realize how expensive they are! So I looked on ksl and we ended getting one for 130 but we had to buy a part for it so it came close to 150. But I absolutely love it! It is going to make things so much easier when the baby is here, I mean it already has made things easier but it will be even easier not to break my back standing there doing them all by hand and taking my time away. ha ha I guess right now it doesn't matter since I don't do much but that's beside the point. Anyways I love having a dishwasher!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't want to...

I know I'm still young and I have a long way to go, but I don't want to get old. And by old I mean like 70 or 80. I've always thought this but today even more. I was with my mom and grandma today and just seeing all the bad things of getting old scares me. I know there are good things but what if I lose my mind like my grandma? How awful would that be. I hate to come off as negative nancy and I know I should be more positive but just being around my grandma made me think alot. I feel so bad cuz we all laugh alot at the silly things she does but she doesn't understand. Like one funny thing she did was double and triple dip her fries into the fry sauce. It was pretty funny. And then I guess she thought she had to eat all the food on her plate so pretty soon she just starting storing the food in her mouth like a chipmunk. Then my mom finally took the plate away so she would stop, she started patting her cheeks to indicate she had food in her mouth. It took her like 20 minutes to finally swallow it all. It makes me wonder what could be going through her mind when she doesn't ever speak.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a Thought

So I'm thinking I'm going to ask my current Dr. about another Dr. in the same office. Dr. Hughes. He was my mom's Dr. when she was pregnant with me and he also delivered me. So at my next appointment I'm going to ask Dr. Barton about him. My mom said he is a really good Dr. so I will most likely go to him. Unless he is the goofy Dr. Christa talked about. haha My insurance does cover him but we are also supposed to be getting new (better) insurance in the next month or two so the new insurance will hopefully cover him as well.
I feel alot better about everything. My husband gave me a blessing when we were at an interview with the Bishop the other night. We still need to get into the Stake President and then we can set a day to go through the temple and see when Rusty's mom can come up and be here for everything. So hopefully in the next couple weeks we'll have a date set.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Sorta Bad, The Good, and The Bad

First the sorta bad. Monday at my ultrasound the technician had said that the baby might have a clubbed foot. She told us she wasn't 100% sure because she couldn't get a good enough picture of it. So today at my actual Dr. App. he had said that the baby DOES have a clubbed foot. I had also told him that they said they weren't sure and he said that was what they wrote down so we still don't even know for sure. Now the good news is that if he does have a clubbed foot then it is very easy to treat. The Dr. said that they usually just put a booty on the foot so that is grows normally once the baby is born. I really hope and pray that he doesn't have a clubbed foot but if he does then I'm glad its easy to treat. Now for the bad. My Dr. is retiring in March. :( He did say that he would refer us to one of the other Dr's but I still wish he wasn't leaving. He said he needs to spend more time with his younger children and he also just got called as Bishop so he decided that after 20 years of practice he needs to retire. I wanted him to deliver the baby. Duh. I want to scream. Blah :(

Something New

Well since I am an avid blog reader then I figured I should start my own too. I probably won't be very good at posting since nothing really exciting or interesting happens to me. Although I am pregnant and am expecting a boy. :D So that is exciting. Wow I sound really boring. Maybe my husband is right, I need to do something about me being boring. I hate admitting that I am wrong about things.