Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Things

       We got a new car! Yay! It's a 2004 9.3 Saab. It's so nice and I love it. One of my favorite things about it is that it's a stick shift. In heavy traffic stick shift is not so fun but for the most part I love driving it. Since I drive around more, Rusty will be taking the Jeep to work everyday. He won't be getting home until 5:30 everyday so that means I have to get a babysitter for an hour on the days I leave for work at 4:30. I also have to take the car seats out every day that I work. I think I might have a babysitter figured out though. I am hoping that I will be able to quit my job in a month or two so that I don't have to keep paying for a babysitter. We have the money for it, but I will hardly ever see Rusty. Plus he will be making more than at his previous job and so I won't need to keep my job. With the new car we do have another car payment but I think we'll be ok if I quit.
       I got the 2000 dollar hospital bill figured out. After Zeke was born we got CHIP for the boys but they originally told me that they would only go back to the 28th instead of the 26th which is his date of birth. After I got that ridiculous bill, I called eligibility since the boys are on medicaid at the moment, (They automatically put us on medicaid when Rusty was laid off from Build) and they told me that it actually did go back to his date of birth so they had me call the hospital to rebill. Hooray! I am still paying for Adam so I really don't want to have a huge bill for Zeke as well.
       I think me being baby hungry just lasted a day. 2 kids is plenty for me right now. Especially since my kids are probably more crazy than others. Zeke's birthday was so fun. He got lots of toys and some books and clothes. I still can't believe he is that big. Time goes by way too fast. Adam will be 3 in 3 weeks. That is even crazier to me. He acts like he is so much older than he is. A lot of times I have to remind myself of his age. He is just too smart for his own good. :)
       I don't think I have documented this yet but it has been almost a year since we got new carpet and a new couch. We also painted our living room and our house looks a million times better. We also have grass! It took us over 2 years but we finally did it. If we have known the first summer we lived here that KSL always has free sod listed, then we would have put grass in a long time ago! It looks kind of like a quilt right now with the three different kinds of grass but eventually it will all blend in. :) Our backyard has improved a lot too. We got free cinder blocks so we put them half way in the ground around the trampoline, swingset, and sand box and then put lots of bark underneath them. It looks sooo good! There are still some weeds where there should be grass but it still looks pretty good. We're just going to keep looking for free sod and hopefully get that back there some time this summer. So on my list of things to do for house almost every one of them has been completed. Now we just need an air conditioner and a new furnace! I am hoping we can do it this year but if not then hopefully next year!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So many things...

A lot of things have happened but I never feel like writing anything down until it's something negative or crazy. I know I shouldn't be like that. I want to remember all the good and fun times but I can never bring myself to sit down and type. Sure I have plenty of time but I think it's the fact that I'm just too lazy to do it. It feels like so many things are happening at once and I'm starting to get bad anxiety. First, I've been working at Iceberg for over a month now. It's pretty fun and I really enjoy the break from home. I should be one of those mothers that just loves being home all day every day but I'm not. I go stir crazy. Secondly, Rusty got laid off 2 months ago and just started a new job yesterday. On the way to his first day our little 88 corolla died. Needs a new engine. Now ain't that a peach. I think we have bad luck with cars. Obviously it will not be worth getting a new engine so we are going to try to sell it as is and find some miraculous way of getting another car. Or scooter haha. With both of us working and the fact that we have children, we have to have 2 cars in case something happens when we are home and we need to leave. There will also be days when I will have to leave for work before Rusty gets home.
Zeke will be 1 on Thursday and it just blows my mind that it's already been a year since I gave birth to him. It's just mind boggling to me that he was ever inside of me. Now usually you get a hospital bill within just a few months after the birth but for some reason, CHIP decided to drag it out until just yesterday. I got an explanation of benefits showing what they paid and what they didn't. The portion that's left for us to pay? Two thousand freaking dollars!!! I am not happy. I was wishing and hoping since I still hadn't received a bill that I never would, but alas I did. We are still paying for Adam so now it looks like we will be paying for Zeke for the next 2-3 years too. And I am starting to get baby hungry for a little girl. I really want a baby girl. I am afraid though that since there are so many around me with multiple children, all of which are boys, that my next one will be a boy too. But since now we will have a couple extra bills, I will have to keep my job for a while and hold off on another baby. I'm fine with that, it will just be harder to get up in the morning once we change to our summer hours. Plus I don't think I'm ready to be pregnant again yet. I get fat and cranky and my body hates me when pregnant. I know things will work out for the best, I am just very impatient and wish it would all just magically be better right now.