Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleep... or lack there of

Adam has been a real stinker lately about sleeping. He has now decided that he needs to wake up every 3 hours and usually when he does, I feed him and he goes back to sleep. But not everytime. Sometimes he'll just cry no matter what we do. By that time I am so exhausted and don't even want to deal with it that I just give him Motrin. I feel like a bad mom when I do that but he does go to sleep after it kicks in. He probably woke up like that every night for a week straight and I just about lost my mind. Now it's just every 3 hours to eat. But now everyday around the time that Rusty gets up for work he wakes up and this is about an hour after he's eaten. So I have been giving in and putting him in bed next to me and everytime I do he goes right to sleep! I hate doing it! I try really hard not to but I also don't want to sit there and listen to him cry cuz then I definitely won't get any sleep. Blah! I can't wait for him to have his own room!
I finally stopped using the miracle blanket but it is really tempting to get it out and use it sometimes. But he always turns over on his stomach and gets stuck when he's in it. I just have a really thin blanket that I use. It's really frustrating sometimes though because he gets his arms out and then just rolls over and plays around. Of course he should be going to sleep. Did I say I can't wait for him to have his own room?
Yesterday Rusty took the paperwork for our loan to the bank to get the process started. The guy told Rusty that it would be 30 days which would make it the 18th of November. But he also told Rusty that it should be done by the 20th. Huh? Come on somebody just give me a dang straight answer. Oh and before he ever took the paperwork in, our agent told us that once we got the 3rd party signature which should have happened today or yesterday (still haven't heard) that it would be 35 days until we could close. That would make it the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Come on people! I want a straight answer! Anyways if I don't find out something that has a set date soon then I'm gonna go insane. I wanna plan everything!
Once we find out what day we close then we can set the date for the carpet to go in. But there are a few things that need to be done before that happens. We need to change the dryer from electric to gas, take down the nasty cottage cheese ceilings and ugly wallpaper borders in every room. Scrub down all the walls and paint. (I've already chosen colors that I want in the rooms. So excited!) Get a new toilet for downstairs. It currently doesn't have a lid so if you sat on it you would sink. And the back part of it is sticking through the wall so you can see it when you're in the laundry room so we need one that actually fits and we need to close and repair the wall behind it. We need to finish the tile in the upstairs shower. They didn't finish around the faucet so we have to put cement behind it and finish that. Hmmm am I missing something? I think that might be it. So ya we need to get all that done before the carpet goes in and then we can move in! So end of November we should be in there! I can't wait for everything to get done! Oh and we need to buy a fridge too! And hopefully when we get our tax return we'll have some money leftover from paying bills to buy a front load washer and dryer. I'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The bank has finally accepted our offer! Took long enough! Now we just have to get the loan and sign papers and wait for closing day! Our loan will be for about 133 because they said we couldn't include the cost of carpet in our offer or something so we just have to add the cost to what our loan was going to be originally. Fine by me! I can't wait to move!