Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally In

We're finally in our house! We don't have internet right now though so I'm using my parents for now. I'm hoping we get it this week. I've got pretty much all the big stuff organized where I want them, now to unpack all the boxes of junk and organize the garage!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can't wait!

Well we're supposed to be able to start moving tomorrow. Hopefully they'll get everything recorded and funded. We already have a key but if we go in before it's funded we'll be in trouble. So our official moving day will be Saturday since that's when everyone will be available to help. I wish I would have ordered internet and cable sooner then I did. Now I won't have it until the middle of next week. :( So that means I'll miss my morning routine of watching ER at 9. I'll be super sad. I love that show!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We'll see if it happens

We now know that we will be closing tomorrow and gettings our keys on Christmas Eve. We are going to try to move as much stuff as possible that day so we're gonna end up sleeping at my parents house on Christmas Eve. I don't want to open presents in an empty apartment or an unorganized house. How lame is that?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stupid Stupid Stupid!

When I have a good attitute about things, they don't go my way and it's really starting to annoy! Now they are saying we can't close until next monday or tuesday! This house is bank owned which means it's government owned so it's going to take 48 hours for them to process the paperwork. Now what I don't get is that 48 hours from today is friday. Why can't we close Friday then?! This whole situation is just stupid and I'm so sick of waiting to move! There is no way I'm putting up Christmas decorations when we move in. I don't care if it'll be lame on Christmas morning. It's not like Adam is going to remember when he's older then we didn't have a Christmas tree on his first Christmas. But seriously, if we are not in that house before Christmas, I WILL LOSE IT!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Moving!

We get to move in one week from today!!! I'm so excited! Now I really need to buckle down and do some major packing!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We are still hoping to close on the 17th which is next week! The appraisal went well, there are just a few things that are very easy to repair. All exterior of course. Just some pieces of siding misses and parts that need to be painted. I had my brother look at the roof before the appraisal and he said it won't last another winter but when they appraised it they said it was fine for right now and they couldn't find any leaks. So I guess we'll see what happens with it but we will definitely need to get new shingles put on in the very near future. Don't know how we'll get the money for that but I guess we'll figure it out when the time comes. I am so so so excited to move! I will miss our ward so much but we know that we need to move and this new house is where we need to be. This place is just too small for us! It looks like a tornado has gone through it! If anybody knows me then they know that I am a control freak and I have to be organized so I have been going crazy lately! Did I already say I can't wait to move?!