Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking Up

We finally looked into buying some health insurance and we found a plan that we like! I hate to say it but Rusty still won't have it. :( Talking with our new agent he said that the most important person to be insured right now is me. That is because I want more children. I do plan on getting pregnant again this year so getting insurance really is a priority. We also got Adam insured. You will probably all think that this plan is ridiculous because of how the deductibles are. We will be paying 122 a month and the deductible is 7500. BUT the deductible for maternity is 5000. I know that is still steap but it really is all we can afford right now. Again BUT we also got supplemental maternity insurance. It is kind of like Aflac if any of you have heard of that but since they don't have that in Utah anymore we went with APL. Atleast I think that's what it's called. That is 145 a month. Then at the end of your pregnancy they pay you 3000 dollars. Also if there are complications and the baby has to be hospitalized for longer, they pay you more. So basically it's like we are putting money away but getting more back in the end. So that will help us tremendously with our 5000 deductible. I don't know if we have qualified for either yet, but we should know in a few days.
In other news we are getting new windows! I'm so excited! They will be installed the first week of June and I can't wait! It will make such a difference with the way our house looks and feels. I also want to put shutters on a couple of our windows. I think that will make a huge difference too. Our yard on the other hand needs tons of work. We are just going to redo the whole front yard. It is nothing but weeds and is soooo UGLY! I'm really excited to be done with everything on the outside so our house looks nice! The carpet on the inside I hope can happen sometime in the next year cuz most of you know that is hideous as well.
I cannot believe that Adam will be a year old next month! It is too crazy! He definitely is not a baby anymore. He walks all over and he is the biggest dare devil. He has also learned how to get past my barricades. He just climbes right over them or moves the pillows. I don't want him to be this big! Anywho that's my little update. I will try to be better at blogging more!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm really bad

This past Sunday on the 4th was Rusty's birthday. I know I should have posted something then but we were super busy and I just forgot to even write anything! So I'm doing it now. Happy 23rd Birthday to my wonderful husband! Thank you for all that you do for our family! I love you so much!