Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Call Me Crazy Or...

Well I don't know if you would call me crazy, smart or both. I really don't know what to think of it myself but I'm kinda glad I did it. First let me say that I was stupid to begin with and used a credit card to go on our 1 year anniversary back in September. I thought I knew everything and just said that I would work alot and pay it all back. WRONG. I got pregnant and was really sick and there haven't been any jobs! Typical that would happen to me just so I would learn a lesson. Well since we got quite alot back on our taxes I decided to catch up on rent, pay off a dentist bill and pay off my credit card. But going to the Dr last week changed my mind. I know I should probably pay off the high interest credit card first but I think that paying our deductible for the Dr. instead will help us alot more. So I put a little toward the card and the 500 towards the Dr. Now since our deductible is 1000 I still have some to pay but everytime I pay Lab Corp and stuff like that it goes towards my deductible. So PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG but we might have almost everything paid for the baby by the time he gets here. Atleast I hope, I'm still confused a little bit about it. Someone want to try to explain?


So when I went to the Dr last week I discovered that I've gained another 7 pounds! That is 20 so far! I am so scared I'm gonna be a blimp by the end. I try to eat healthy but alot of the things are so expensive. Blah plus I don't know how we're gonna pay the flippin deductable. Or anything else for that matter. I really hate money. And I still really hate the fact that my Dr is retiring. And now I come to find out that Dr Hughes is retired already! Great! But I think I will go with Dr. Rappleye. My mom said he was in the same office when she went to Dr. Hughes and I think she said he was pretty good. It's either him or Dr. Brown. I'm pretty sure my next appointment will be my last one with Dr. Barton so I'll have to see who he recommends. I just wish time would go by just a little faster, but not to fast since I'm still deathly afraid. I'm tired of being bored all the time. Well there I go being negative again. Oh well