Thursday, February 25, 2010

Out of It

There hasn't been too much going on to write about. Still don't have health insurance, I'm sorry but I didn't want to pay 460 a month and then 80 on top of that for dental. That's more than half of our mortgage payment! No thanks! I think I'll shop elsewhere. I've been sick this week and since I don't want to pay 75 dollars for them to tell me that I have strep when I know I do, I just have to tough it out. I've had strep many times in my life so I know when I have it. Luckily neither Adam or Rusty have caught it yet and I'm praying that they don't at all.
Adam is 9 months old already! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. He has his 9 month check up and monday and that appointment will be 86 dollars. Hey it's better then 116 a week! Anywho.... He is into everything right now! He really does drain all the energy out of me. I'm so glad he takes 2 naps a day, otherwise I might go insane!
I really want to go on vacation sometime this year, I don't know why it came out of nowhere but it just popped into my head that I want to go somewhere fabulous. I don't know where or when but I'm determined that we will go! I also want to go to a really fun water park this summer. Somewhere like Cherry Hill, Seven Peaks or Raging Waters. I've been to Raging Waters but it's been a while. I love swimming and can't wait for it to be warm so I can take Adam all the time! I also really want this week to just be over so this stupid sickness will go away and I can have Rusty here all weekend. I just feel so blah..... Probably cuz I'm sick but I hate this! I just want to go out and do something. I hate being stuck home all day. Sorry this is turning into a complaining blog. I hope I get out of this rut sometime soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Rusty's mom and stepdad own some time shares at a really nice resort called Westgate up by Park City. They go up there twice a year for a week at a time so we always go up and stay a night or two. They have lots of fun stuff to do and since I love swimming we decided to take Adam swimming and he loved it!

He's probably going to be like me and will want to go swimming all the time!