Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that I write like a junior high student. I talk about stupid meaningless things that I'm sure nobody cares about. I don't write on here that often but I've noticed that when I do it's not that good. I really should go to college. Someday I will. I'm also terrible at taking pictures. Zeke will be 2 in two months and I think I've taken 10 pictures of him in the past year. That makes me sad. Here are some pictures from the last nine months.
                                                               Disneyland November 2012
                                                                  Halloween 2012

                                                               Camping September 2012
                                                                        August 2012
                                                                       Zoo July 2012
                                                                         June 2012
                                                                         May 2012

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